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Lucas was born in Hawaii, but spent part of his childhood in southern California. He was raised in a Christian home and prayed to receive Jesus as his Savior at 5 years old. A few years later he and his family moved back to Hawaii where he attended jr. high and high school. During those years, Lucas became a little more skeptical about his faith as a result of the many different beliefs held by his friends. After graduating high school, Lucas moved back to southern California to attend DeVry University to study Electronic Engineering Technology. During his sophomore year, Lucas was involved in a near death accident in which he was hospitalised for nearly 3 weeks and had undergone multiple surgeries. As a result of this experience, Lucas began to question his beliefs and began a journey of investigating the truthfulness of Christianity that continues until this day.

A few years later, Lucas graduated with his B.S. in Electronic Engineering Technology and began working at a large defense contractor. On occasion he would engage in lively, but cordial, discussions on the issues of ethics, values, and religion. During these discussions Lucas realised that his personal study of the defense of Christianity was not adequate to address the challenges presented by his colleagues; many of whom graduated from notable universities like MIT, UCLA, USC, Berkley, Purdue, and Notre Dame to name a few. This motivated him to enroll at Biola University where he later received his M.A. in Science and Religion, and is now pursuing an M.A. in Philosophy from Talbot School of Theology. Although he may have a few expensive pieces of paper, he’ll admit he doesn’t know much beyond the history and philosophy of science (with a little bit of theology thrown in), and a (small) dose of engineering. What he hopes to achieve is thoughtful, reflective, and passionate conversation with those willing to take their beliefs seriously.

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